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About Us

About Us







 Behriz Company was established in the year 1998 as Private Joint Stock Company by the management of BahmanBabakhani  for designing and manufacturing for production of food and  concentrated beer ,carbonated soft drinks, syrup, fruit juice, sport and energy drinks , non-alcoholic beverages and dairy products machineries and equipment and was pioneer in this field in Iran. This Company is a member of Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, which has been established by a group of pioneers of this industrial field for  improving the economic status and promoting the capability of the genuine industries and producers of this industry






All stages of designing ,manufacturing of devices are exclusively carried out byBehrizmobadelcompany and are not dependent on foreign countries and undoubtedly you will be proud of our products.

In this line of business, assistance and encouragement of beloved colleagues, the  successful and committed managers of our homeland contributed us in carrying out this plan and during the recent years, the Company practically helped in reducing the importation of  this item from foreign countries to zero number.

Maintenance of your equipment is vital to ensure your process equipment runs smoothly and reliably .Effective and regular maintenance leads to improved performance ,prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces operational costs and process downtime.

We offers a wide range of 100% compatible spare parts of the highest quality standard and very best price!


In addition, in the innovation area, this company has succeeded in producing pasteurized tunnel in spiral form for pasteurizing various types of metal pack-glass pet- which has been patented as well.

For promoting the quality of its product, the management of the company has received certificates of weld test in Level I and  Level II  in producing tanks and argon welding

Behrizmobadel is working in compliance with standards for every

product and the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 4500

Reasons to work with us:

Sharp prices

Service included

Best quality spare parts

Technical advice

Large available inventory


We will be happy to contact you to refine the selection and offer you that’s meets your need.