In food machinery industry innovation is the creation and subsequent introduction of a good service that is either new ,or an improved version of pervious goods .

In today's world manufacturer's need to increase chances in their  machineries of this food and beverage industry and innovative manufacturer's increase productivity through by creating and executing new processes ,which in turn may increase competitive advantage and provide meaningful differentiation For this reason, Bahman Babakhani  planned to realize spiral pasteurizer tunnel from an idea to practical design by innovation and novelty; and receive patent of Inventions Registration Organization for one of the prototypes we had built.

How can this innovation help this field of industry?

1.Spiral tunnel pasteurizer can reduce space by vertical shape design

The large space needed for old type of pasteurizer tunnels. It has always been one of the largest problems in beverages and food production plants; and practically, the vast spaces of pasteurizer tunnels are useless. This design gave us the opportunity to restore large space to the factories.

By designing spiral pasteurized tunnels, we arranged the whole pasteurization operations to be carried out in two towers, one of them with ascending move and the other in descending move; in one tower, the product moves from down to up in the tower  for pasteurizations ; and in the other, the product moves from up to down for cooling down.

2.Energy saving and Energy recovery

In this innovation water steam consumption has dropped incredibly and can result in energy saving.

3.Cut your cost

Electric motors has dropped in these in this innovation and we attempted to cut the cost of making a product and accompany could lower the manufacturing costs and increase profitability.