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To help you quickly, we need some important data about your application.

There are many other parameters to consider.
We will be happy to contact you to refine the selection and offer the product that meet your needs with best price!

Please give the following information in your email:

a short description of the application, ideally with a application drawing.let us know more about the type of your products

what you need ?

what is your demand capacity?



Bahman Babakhani CEO


No7.Golbahar St,Parand Industrial Town,Tehran,Iran

Tel : +98 2156417491-9

Fax: +98  2156417490

E-mail : info@behrizmobadel.ir

Website : www.behrizmobadel.com

 Instagram : behriz.mobadel


International  customer  service

Aisan Babakhani  commercial manager


Tel :  +98 2122434101

WhatsApp contact : +98 9127331517

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